Car Insurance Articles

We have a large repository of car insurance articles to help you understand everything you need to know about car insurance and obtain cheaper insurance quotes. Our state by state auto insurance guides have specific information to help you understand the requirements and choose the best insurance policy for your needs.

  • Various Car Insurance Options Explained
    There are various coverage options available to add for your policy. Some may be included by default, others you need to include as they may come to your rescue when you need to protect your financial assets if your default policy limit is reached.
  • Auto Insurance Secret Tips
    Find out what car insurance tips can help you save hundreds of dollars in your insurance premiums.
  • Full coverage and Liability Insurance Guide
    Most consumers purchase the liability insurance only. Some are unaware that it's only the minimum coverage that could meet the state requirements, but not necessarily your needs in obtaining the right insurance to protect what you value.
  • Consider GAP insurance with new car
    Learn how GAP insurance can help you payout for a totaled car in case of write off. Most insurance policies only pays for the market value of the car leaving the insurer with the difference that can mount to thousands of dollars your insurance company may not pay out.
  • how did car insurance start?
    Our simply and quick overview of how insurance started and how it became the most sought after risk management product of all times.
  • How car insurance works
    If you are new to car insurance, this simple guide clears up the mechanics of how car insurance works.
  • Liability, Collusion and Comprehensive explained
    No two policies are the same. This is why insurance companies have created various types of coverage to accommodate for customer needs. Liability, collusion and comprehensive insurance are on the top list of most insurance providers.
  • Who should be your insurance provider?
    Going after the cheapest insurance quote only may land you with some incompetent insurance providers. Learn how to compare car insurance companies to find out the most suitable ones for your needs.
  • My auto insurance rate suddenly increased, why?
    If you have recently been hit with an increase in your auto insurance rate, you may or you may not know why it's case. Find out what may cause you insurance rate to increase and what to do about it.
  • I just turned 25, will I get cheaper car insurance?
    Age 25 is known as the magic age among auto insurance companies and brokers. Learn what could be in for you after turning 25 years.
  • can I reduce my car insurance rate? if so, how?
    Many people are unaware that car insurance rates can be reduced by following some simple steps.
  • car insurance discounts and how they apply
    As with everything we buy nowadays, there are special offers and discounts. Car Insurance discounts may not apply to everyone, but drivers should be aware what they may be entitled to.
  • steps to buy good car insurance
    Beginners to auto insurance, such as new drivers, think of car insurance as a lot of hassle. As a result, they may end up purchasing the wrong insurance cover. Our steps to buying car insurance tries to make this process as easy as possible.
  • speeding ticket and your car insurance rate
    Speeding tickets not only cost money and points on your driving record. They can also cause your insurance rate to increase as insurance companies start to consider you has a high-risk driver.
  • Car insurance for young drivers
    Young drivers are among the highest risk group to insure for car insurance companies. Statistics has shown that new and young driver constitute a considerable number of car insurance accidents. We discuss a few tips to reduce young drivers insurance quotes.
  • 10 tips to reduce your auto insurance rate
    Most consumers can do with help and advise not usually provided when buying car insurance policy. We have complied 10 simple tips to help you reduce you car insurance quote when shopping around for auto insurance coverage.
  • Why buy car insurance online?
    Gone are the days when people drive to their local insurance agent for quotes. With the power of internet, and using out free quotes system, you can compare car insurance quotes from leading car insurance providers in your area within minutes.
  • Car Insurance quotes for women
    Female drivers can benefit from car insurance discounts not offered to male drivers. Most insurance companies put women on a low-risk group and even have dedicated policy for them. Find out how female drivers get cheap car insurance quotes.
  • Simple guide to Bodily injury liability (BI)
    Bodily Injury coverage or BI for short compensate for medical bills as a result of an accident. This cover protect both passengers in your car and individuals in other vehicles. Understanding bodily injury can help you set the right limits in your policy against the unknown.
  • Car Insurance for rented Vehicles
    Not all car agencies cover insurance for their cars. If you need to purchase car insurance for your rented car, there a few things you need to be aware of to avoid paying more than you should.
  • Credit Score and your car insurance premium
    Car insurance companies have used credit scores available from credit scoring agencies to access the risk associated when insuring their customers. This means that your insurance rate may be higher than average if your credit score is in the wrong side of the scale.