How Does Age 25 Affect Car Insurance?

Insurance companies favor people of a certain age group over others. People belonging to the under-25 age group are considered high risk customers. This is so because people in this age group are more likely to be involved in accidents than others. Statistically speaking, reckless behavior usually decreases as people get older.

Insurance companies use all kinds of data to assess the risk associated with a customer. The more the risk, the higher the insurance premium you must pay. Age is one of the factors considered while assessing your car insurance application.

Twenty five year olds and over are considered more mature because they are more likely to have completed college, started a career and family. This makes them more responsible.

Insurance companies charge higher premiums from people who are under 25 years of age even if they have a clean driving record. Teenagers are considered “high risk”. This may seem unfair, but statistics reveal that teenagers and other young people are more likely to be involved in serious accidents than older people.

Even in the under 25 age bracket, the rates of insurance premiums are higher for male than female drivers.

If you are under 25 and don't want to pay high premiums for your car insurance, consider getting married. As funny as the idea may seem, it is true that car insurance premium rates are significantly lower for married people than single. This is because people who are married or have a child are considered more responsible than their single friends.

Single males who are under 25 years of age end up paying the highest car insurance premium rates.

Some states offer driving lessons. On successful completion of these lessons, your insurance premium rates decrease. If you are under 25, you should consider this option.

You may already know that speeding tickets, intoxication or driving under the influence tickets or some other type of traffic rules violation can cause your insurance rates to go up. But if you are under 25, you should be especially careful. The younger you are, the more difficult it gets. Even one speeding ticket can have severe impact on your insurance rate.

The age at which you get your license is very important. A driver, who gets his license at the age of 25, will be charged higher premiums than another 25 year old, who got his/her license at age of 16. This is due to insurance companies taking into account how long did you have the driving license for, even if it has not been used.

Driving safely while you are under 25 can pay off nicely once you turn 25. If you are 25 and have a clean driving record, your car insurance rates will go down. You may get discounts of up to 20%.

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