Car Insurance Secrets Revealed

The importance of having a car insurance policy cannot be undermined. The soaring cost auto insurance can make you apprehensive about opting for car insurance. However, by being aware of some secret tips pertaining to insurance policies, you can definitely get good car insurance at a cheap price.

Some of the auto insurance secret tips are:

1. A Poor Driving Record Can Cost You:

If you do not have a good driving record, you may have to pay a relatively high amount of premium on your insurance. As per the industry standards, your premium rate is increased by 40% after your first case of accident (minor or major).


You need to know that not all car insurance companies follow this policy. It is advisable to verify whether your insurance provider follows this rule. If it does, inquire in advance about the rates applied for bad driving record. However, having a good driving record is always beneficial.

2. The Make and Model of Your Vehicle

Auto insurance companies have a rating system, usually designed by the Car Insurance Services Office, for different types of car models. This system is based on different factors such as the vehicle's cost and its safety features.


You can consider purchasing a car model, which can get discounts on car insurance rates. Based on your car model, auto insurance companies will offer you attractive discounts.

3. Your Car Real Value can Affect your Insurance Rates

Every car insurance company has its own list of car values. They can even contact your local car dealer to find the value of the car.


If you do not wish to agree with the car insurance company's value system, you can consider opting for gap insurance.

4. Your Credit Reports

Your car insurer can request your credit reports to check your credit history, which they may use to prepare your insurance score. A good credit history can get you cheap car insurance, whereas a poor credit history may spell doom for your insurance prospects.


If you don't have a decent credit history, it will be better to avoid opting for insurance till your credit history regains normalcy. Later on, you can avail car insurance at a discount price.

Besides these tips, it is also advised to officially cancel your insurance policy if you wish to switch car insurers.

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