Mercury Insurance Company - Key Differentiators

Mercury Insurance Company, founded by George Joseph in 1961, is an American automobile and property insurance company. The company has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Until 1960, the company operated only in California, but since then it has expanded its operation to a few other states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia and more. However, all its core operations remain in California. Today it is the third largest private automobile insurance company in California. It is also the leading independent agency writer of automobile insurance in California. Right from the time of its foundation, the key strategy of the Mercury Insurance Company was tight underwriting and tight claims handling.

Mercury Insurance offers a huge array of auto insurance plans to its customers. It is very distinct from other auto insurance companies since it allows the customer to customize their auto insurance plan to suit their needs. It caters to the unique and special requirements of the customer’s automobile insurance needs.

Mercury Insurance Company offers a very unique auto insurance program for all commercial business houses, which is called Mercury Casualty Company's Automobile Insurance Program. This program is very useful for all business houses that use vehicles for their business. Mercury Insurance Company offers specific auto insurance plans to fit different businesses.

Some of the best commercial and personal auto insurance products that Mercury Insurance Company offers are:

Mechanical Breakdown

It is one of the most outstanding plans the company offers. Under this plan, the company pays for all the vehicle repairs after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Personal Umbrella

The Umbrella auto insurance plan is very unique to Mercury Insurance Company. This plan protects you from paying for expenses out of your own pocket in case the damage exceeds your auto insurance limits.

Apart from providing personal and commercial auto insurance plans, it also offers mechanical breakdown coverage for both used and new cars. One of the most significant advantages of this program is that it sets no limitation to the amount of claims you can file under this policy.

The Mercury Insurance Company is one of the insurance companies known for its excellent customer service. The customer service is available 24/7. You just have to call their toll-free number. The highly trained customer service professionals reply to your queries in a very soft polite tone. They assist in your selection of the appropriate insurance plan and provide billing assistance, etc.

The Mercury Insurance Company is one of the fastest growing auto insurance companies in the United States. It boasts being one of the few insurance companies that offers customized insurance policies to its customers.

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