California Car Insurance: Saving Tips and State Requirements

If you have lived in California for a minimum of 18 months and haven't received a traffic ticket or have not been involved in an accident in the past 3 years, you are automatically entitled to get a discount on your auto insurance.

There are various ways to get cheap car insurance in California. Some of which included:

Be a Good Driver

This is one of the most essential requirements for getting cheap car insurance in California. You can get a cheap car insurance if you have a good driving record.

Buy a Car with Quality Safety Features

To obtain cheap car insurance in California, it will be beneficial for you to install safety features in your car or buy one which has these features included. More safety features mean less possibility of the car being stolen and less physical damages to the car as result of an accident. This factor is given due importance by most insurance companies. Therefore, it’s recommended you consider buying a car with advanced safety features such as air-bags, alarm system, Dynamic Stability Control, GPS Tracking System, anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and safety glasses.

Enroll Yourself in a Driving Class:

Certain car insurance companies in California provide driving classes or guidance to people to ensure they possess good driving skills. This is termed as 'defensive driving.' You should consider enrolling yourself in such these types of driving classes to get cheap insurance rates. Check with you insurance provider on what type of courses they offer discount on.

Stay with Your Parents

If you are a teenager or young driver, you can obtain low cost car insurance in California if you choose to live with your parents and register your insurance policy under their name, as you may have to pay less for your insurance premium. This is especially beneficial if you parents have good driving records and has been with an insurer for a number of years.

The CLCA Program

The state of California has a program called CLCA, (California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program). This program provides people on low-income with more options to find an affordable car insurance policy.

Get Quotes from Multiple Insurers in California

The best way to find the most suitable car insurance policy in California is by comparing the insurance quotes of different auto insurers. We have made this task easier through our free quotes and comparison tool. By choosing California as your state or typing your Zip Code, you can get quotes from many insurance companies and compare their rates. This way, you can easily find and compare multiple insurance providers within your area and choose the most appropriate insurance policy for your needs.

California State Requirements:

Before buying car insurance in California, it is essential to be aware of the minimum legal requirements set by the state.

As per California Insurance Code §11580.1b, the minimum insurance requirements are:

• $15,000 for injury or death to one person
• $30,000 for injury or death to more than one person
• $5,000 for any damage to property

Most insurance companies in California already have the above coverage included, but you will need to determine if more coverage options or higher limits on your chosen options is needed to protect your personal assets.

To obtain more information regarding California auto insurance, you can contact the California Department of Insurance in Los Angeles at 800-927-HELP (4357) or visit their website at www.insurance.ca.gov.

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