21st Century Insurance Company - Review of Services & Quotes

21st Century Insurance Company21st Century Insurance Company is one of the leading insurance providers in the U.S. It is renowned for offering extended coverage at cheap rates. The company is a member of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies.

21st Century Insurance Company was founded in 1958 in California. It now has operations in 17 U.S. states. The company is an operating subsidiary of AIG. In 2009, the company had a customer base of 1.5 million customers throughout the U.S. The company has won many prestigious awards in the field of insurance, thanks to their excellent products and customer service.

The motto of the company is “Just right. Just for you”. It is because many people have the wrong insurance coverage simply because they are unaware of the other coverage options. At 21st century insurance company, emphasis is on providing the right kind of insurance at the right price.

The company offers a host of insurance coverage such as auto insurance, classic auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, and renter’s insurance, personal umbrella liability insurance, breakdown insurance, life insurance, earthquake insurance, flood insurance and many more.

21st Century Insurance Company gives its customers additional services such as 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, identity theft restoration service and emergency travel and medical assistance at no extra cost. These services are offered as “21st Century Security Advantage”.

Customers can use the online coverage advisor's service to understand their personal insurance needs and to get advice on various aspects of an insurance policy.
The company offers excellent customer service support to its customers. A large number of insurance agents ensure a wider customer reach and faster problem solving. The customer service center is open to assist customers 24/7. The center can be contacted either online or by phone.

Claims can be filed online by customers. In addition, you can seek the help of an insurance agent in filing a claim. All of their Claims Offices operate a Drive- In, allowing a customer to come to the office for a damage appraisal. In some cases, a settlement check is paid out on the spot.

Customers can also receive a free rate quote, buy a policy and completely manage it online. Currently, auto insurance quotes are not available online in all states.

The personal service and the customized coverage that you receive at 21st Century Insurance Company is hard to find anywhere else.

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