What Happens if you Drive Without Car Insurance?

Neglecting to get car insurance for your vehicle can land you in whole myriad of problems. So, whether you plan to buy a car or already have one, you must have insurance. Auto insurance cover needs to comply with your state insurance requirements. Senior or older drivers already know this, but many teenagers and first time car owners are unaware of the dangers and consequences of driving without appropriate auto insurance.

Actually, car insurance, for many people, is more of a pain than a benefit. But if you don't have car insurance, things can get worse. There are many types of car insurance and they vary from state to state. If you don't have car insurance, your vehicle will be seized on the spot. In some cities, it is illegal for cops to allow some drivers to drive when they know the driver doesn't have car insurance. Uninsured drivers may even be charged with heavy fees or fines by the courts. You may even have your driver’s license suspended or cancelled for some time. The basic thing to keep in mind is that having car insurance can protect you and your assets from legal battles and even saves you from going to jail.

Apart from the fines that might arise should you not have insurance, the main purpose of car insurance is to protect you financially if you get into a car accident. At least this will allow you to recover from the heavy costs incurred by an accident. If you don't have insurance and you hit someone while driving on the road, you may be held responsible for the cost of medical bills and other expenses. So, as the proverb goes, prevention is better than a cure; you should abide by this rule and get the right insurance coverage before you drive.

If you happen to damage an expensive car as a result of an accident while uninsured, paying the bills without the aid of insurance may require you to sell your home, your bonds and many of your assets. It can even follow you into the future if you cannot pay it all at once. So just because you've neglected to get insurance, you have to spend the rest of your life paying off bills.

One more reason to have car insurance is related to the repair of other vehicles you've damaged in an accident. It is obvious that vehicle repairs can be very expensive. If you are at fault in an accident, you may be required to pay for the damages. And that has to come from your pocket if you are uninsured.

Carrying the legally required car insurance coverage or above not only saves you money in the long run, but also helps you from legal battles that could ruin your life.

In Summary, the benefits of auto insurance out weight any savings one might think will have by avoiding to pay for car insurance.

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