Wyoming Car Insurance: A Simple Residents Guide to WY State Requirements

It is illegal to drive a car in the state of Wyoming without owning proper insurance. Car insurance proves you are financially responsible in case of an accident. The drivers are also recommended to carry proof of car insurance while driving in the state of Wyoming.

Basic coverage for Wyoming car insurance is often referred to as 25/50/20/. The state law requires minimum Bodily Injury Liability limit of $25,000 per injured person up to a limit of $50,000. Minimum limit for Property damage Liability is $20,000. There are also other types of coverage options such as rental reimbursement and collision, and comprehensive coverage.

For more detailed information on auto insurance requirements all Wyoming residents should contact the State of Wyoming Insurance Department in Cheyenne on 1-800-438-5768 or visit their website at http://insurance.state.wy.us/.

WY follows the Tort system, which states that the person responsible for the accident be found, and that person and his/her insurance company be held responsible for all the damages.

You can determine which car insurance policy is most suitable for you by comparing car insurance quotes of different companies. Some tips to getting cheap car insurance quotes in the state of Wyoming are:

Insurance More Cars Per Address

Multiple car discounts is a good way of obtaining cheap insurance quotes. Car insurance companies offer a discount if you insure two cars at the same time.

Purchase Auto Insurance for at Least One Year

Purchasing a car insurance policy for a year instead of 6 months or less can extend the savings on your auto insurance. If you purchase a policy for six months, you will have to pay a rate which changes every six months.

Reduce your Yearly Mileage

Moving closer to your work or college is also a great way to get a cheap car insurance quote. Cars with less mileage per year are offered a low rate by most insurance companies.

Listed Organizations for Discounts

Many Car insurance companies offer discounts if you are affiliated with organizations like credit unions or other entities listed for discounts. It is recommended that you ask for a list of organization affiliations to the insurance company you wish to use for your auto insurance cover.

Defensive Driving and Other Special Driving Courses

Some car insurance companies give discounts to people who have taken a special driving course. Insurance companies consider people who have taken special driving course as less likely to get into an accident.

Multiple Insurance Services

You can get a cheap insurance quote if you register your car and home insurance with the same company.

Watch your Credit Score

Keeping your credit score high is another way to get cheap car insurance. Car insurance companies now decide the insurance rate you are to pay based on your credit score.

What if you Can’t Get Coverage?

There is an insurance option available for high-risk individuals, too. If you are classified as a high-risk driver, and find it hard to get car insurance or cannot afford the high premiums, it is recommended to look out only for companies which specialize in insurance bad drivers, such as The General. You may also contact the state insurance commissioner for further assistance if you are still having trouble getting auto insurance.

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