Oklahoma Car Insurance: Simple Guide to Car Insurance in OK

The average amount spent on car insurance by a driver in Oklahoma is $678, which is a very low amount compared to other states. It does not mean that a driver in the state spends less on insurance, however. Oklahoma is one the states where insurance premium rates are cheap.

As per the traffic laws, liability insurance is a must for every car driver in Oklahoma. The liability insurance in Oklahoma covers not only the bodily injury, but also medical, expenses, car repair expense and private property expenses.

According to the 26/51/26 code, a code that guides the car insurance industry, the minimum liability requirements in Oklahoma are $26,000 for every injured person in the accident, $51,000 for each accident and $26,000 for damage to personal property.

It is advisable to have protection for personal injury in your car insurance policy so that all your medical expenses are taken care of by the insurance company. However, insurance laws in Oklahoma do not have provision for minimum personal injury protection. A few knowledgeable insurance professionals would advise you to include this optional coverage in your personal car insurance.

The law in Oklahoma also does not provide any scope for uninsured driver coverage. However, it is essential that you have coverage for uninsured drivers so that you get protection for any bodily injury caused to you by uninsured driver. Uninsured driver coverage would provide you with extra protection.

Some of the rules of car insurance in Oklahoma that you should know:

As per the rules, you have to carry proof of your car insurance with you at all times and, if you’re caught by a traffic police officer for some reason and you fail to show your insurance proof, you have to face the penalty. You have to pay a fine of $300 and you may also face imprisonment for up to 40 days.

According to the traffic laws of the state, all transport owners need to carry a minimum liability car insurance. The rates for minimum liability for transport owners are:

  • $30,000 for death of one person
  • $60,000 for injury or death of people in an accident
  • $30,000 for causing damage to the private property

Further information regarding auto insurance in OK can be found through the Oklahoma Insurance Department by visiting http://www.ok.gov/oid/ or calling their office in Oklahoma City on 1-800-522-0071 or Tulsa on 1-800-728-2906.

If your car insurance in Oklahoma is stopped by your insurance company within 180 days from the starting date of your policy then the company has to intimate about the same to the Department of Safety in Oklahoma. The department would then communicate with you and you have to reply to the department within 40 days and produce proof of your insurance. But if you fail to produce proof, your car registration would be cancelled and your license would be suspended.

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