Maine Car Insurance: A Simple Overview of ME Auto Insurance

The Tort System is followed in the state of Maine. The Tort system states that the person responsible for the accident be found. That person and his/her car insurance company are to be held responsible for all the damage. The rules of the Tort system differ from one state to another.

It is mandatory to have Medical Payments coverage in Maine to cover the funeral and medical expenses for you and the people hurt in the car accident. Minimum Medical Payment of $1,000 is also required.

Maine requires a minimum Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage of $50,000 per person to cover the damage caused to you or your party by an uninsured driver. To cover any bodily injury caused to you and your party by uninsured/underinsured driver $100,000 is needed.

Carrying a proof of insurance is also required in ME if involved in an accident or stopped by state authorities when driving. If you don’t have a proof of auto insurance when requested, you can be fined up to $500 and your license registration could be suspended for up to 30 days.

More details on Maine auto insurance requirements are available by contacting contact the Maine Bureau of Insurance in Augusta prior to buying a policy. This can be done either by calling their office at 1-800 300-5000 or visiting http://www.maine.gov/pfr/insurance/.

Different companies offer different car insurance prices. Using out free quotes too, you can get up to different quotes from multiple companies in Maine. It is wise to compare the prices of five or six car insurance companies so you can figure out which is suitable for you. Prices of various car insurance companies are also given by State Insurance Company.

Asking for discounts from insurance companies can get you a good deal. Car insurance companies offer discounts or a special rate for people with a good credit rating, an old car with a low mileage, of a certain age, who’ve taken a drivers course, who’ve fitted their car with a security system.

Monthly premiums of car insurance can be expensive. If you pay for six month or a year at a time, the premiums can be much lower as you save yourself paying the interest usually included in monthly payments.

Taking advice from family and friends can find you a suitable deal. A friend or a member of the family could have experience with a particular insurance company and know the quality of service offered by the company. You can also use customer services rating published by the insurance provider or available elsewhere on the internet or car magazines.

The more deductible you pay, the less you’ll pay in premiums. Also, you and your spouse can opt for a joint insurance policy and avail discounts. Car insurance companies also offer discounts after you have turned 25 years of age or 55. Premiums can also be changed when you move from one address to another. The new rate will depend on the crime rate and vandalism in the new area.

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