Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance Company Review

Unitrin Inc. was established as a subsidiary of Teledyne Inc. in 1990. However, the firm went on to become a leader in the insurance sector, providing life, casualty, property, auto and health policies to groups and individuals. Later it was segregated from Teledyne Inc. Unitrin began its independent journey functioning as a holding company for many insurance carriers. Its business was divided into three main categories, property and casualty finance, life and health insurance, and consumer finance.

Unitrin's success story can be attributed to its old-fashioned concept of door-to-door selling by its 4,000 sales representatives. These representatives visited rural communities, and middle and lower income suburban locality. Unitrin made remarkable progress in the 1990's when its total revenue rose to $1.36 billion. Unitrin’s $1.4 billion excess capital attracted many buyers such as American General Corp. However, the company managed to overthrow the takeover bid. Unitrin continued to progress and successfully managed to buy its stock back to keep the takeover bids away. By the end of 1995, the company had managed to buy 8.7 million shares at an estimated value of $416 million.

Unitrin Direct, in its continuing effort to make auto insurance more affordable, offers various discounts in auto insurance category. Consumers switching to Unitrin Direct from other carriers save an average of $303. Unitrin Direct offers many additional discounts to its customers that further add to savings, and lowers the insurance costs. Unitrin Direct allows its policyholders to manage their policy online.

Unitrin offers a host of discounts to its customers. One of the most unique and popular is Esignature, wherein a customer premium is reduced by $50 if he signs their low cost auto insurance documents online. A Multi-Policy is applicable to a person who has either homeowners or renters insurance with Unitrin Direct, along with auto insurance. Other discounts are applicable for mature and responsible drivers, multi-car policies, and for drivers whose vehicles have some kind of active or passive anti-theft device installed.

The Pay-In-Full discount is applicable for those who pay the entire premium when the policy is signed. Unitrin Direct is known to encourage safe driving by offering rate breaks. The focused driver breaks, passive seat belts discount, and anti lock brakes discounts are some of the discounts that encourage safety of drivers and passengers alike.

The company makes the claims process smooth and easy for its policyholders. It has a dedicated 24 hours toll free hotline to register claims. The claims representatives will see you through the process and ensure that you get quick and fair compensation against your claim.

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