Nationwide Insurance Company - Review of Profile and Services

Nationwide Insurance Company is an Insurance and Financial service company, based in Columbus, Ohio. The company was found on December 17, 1925. However, when it was first formed, it was known as Farm Bureau Automobile Insurance Company. It continued to be called by that name until 1955. Post 1955, the company changed its name to the present name, Nationwide Insurance Company. After changing its name, not only did the company grown, but it also has helped the city of Columbus grow. It is the sixth largest auto insurance company in the United States.

Besides contributing to the development of the state, the Nationwide Insurance Company provides great automobile insurance plans to its customers. It offers one of the most lucrative discount schemes for its auto insurance policy holders. If offers good discounts to people with good driving records, students with good academic grades and also to people who have good credit history.

The Nationwide Insurance Company determines your car insurance premium rate based on your credit history. It analyses your past credit payment history, and it also looks at your credit sources. If you have a good credit record, your premium rates will be less, whereas, if you have a bad credit record you will have to pay higher premium rates. The company claims that it determines the premium rates based on the credit history because it helps them to predict the insurance losses. The credit history of a person is not the only criteria on which the premium rates are determined. There are other factors that are considered as well.

This insurance company offers a variety of auto insurance coverage plans. Some of the plans are as follows:

General Liability Coverage: This type of insurance policy provides protection against all bodily injuries to all the co-passengers involved in the accident when you are at fault.

Bodily Injury Protection: As per this plan, the insurance company pays all the medical expenses that you may incur as a result of an accident. This coverage option is offered by most insurance company, but nationwide insurance company offers it own unique feature. That is, it also covers your lost wages if you are forced to miss work due to an accident.

Collision Coverage: This plan covers your losses if you collide with another vehicle or if your vehicle is hit by any other object.

Rental Auto Coverage: This very unique coverage plan offers protection against your rented vehicle. This peculiar auto coverage plan ensures that the driver drives in a peaceful state of mind while driving a rented vehicle.

Besides offering great auto insurance policies and discounts on policies, Nationwide also offers excellent customer service to its policyholders. It allows its customers to contact them by phone or the internet. The company’s executives will promptly solve your problems.

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