Review MetLife Insurance Company Profile and Services

MetLife is one of the U.S.'s largest and oldest insurance companies. Presently, MetLife offers various types of insurance coverage including home, auto and life insurance. Besides the U.S., MetLife companies provide direct insurance services in Latin America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

The History:

The origin of the MetLife Insurance Company can be dated back to 1863, when a group of businesspersons from New York raised $100,000 to establish the National Union Life and Limb Insurance Company. The company insured Civil War soldiers and sailors against disabilities caused by accidents, wartime wounds and sickness. In 1868, the company decided to shift its focus to the life insurance business. As per this new plan, a new company was hired to sell “ordinary” insurance to the middle-class people. The founders of the company chose to name it 'Metropolitan Life,' as they had been most successful in New York, also known as the “Metropolitan” district. Over the years, the company has progressed rapidly to become one of the best auto insurance providers.

In 2001, MetLife Inc. became the first insurance company to build a financial holding company in affiliation with a nationally chartered bank.

Advantages of MetLife Auto Insurance Coverage:

MetLife offers some attractive insurance services at competitive rates to its customers. Besides usual auto insurance, MetLife offers its customers, a variety of other insurance coverage for their boat, RV, motorcycle or even golf cart. Drivers with a safe driving record can avail discounts on their insurance rates or deductibles. Besides, MetLife offers additional discounts to customers who purchase additional insurance policies including life or home insurance from MetLife. The company also provides its customers with a comprehensive package, known as “GrandProtect” policy, which covers all the insurance needs of the customers and involves just one single deductible. This implies that customers can avail insurance coverage for auto, home, life and boat with just one insurance policy.

Today, many people prefer to conduct their business online as it is more convenient. Due to this, MetLife has a well-designed web site. Customers can easily get a free insurance quote by visiting their web site.

Customer Service:

The vision of the company is 'to establish financial freedom for everyone.' With this objective, MetLife strives to fulfill people's increasing need for topnotch financial services and products.

MetLife boasts qualified and experienced customer-care staff to offer complete satisfaction to the customers. Customers can contact the customer-care executives by either telephone or the Internet.


In the present uncertain financial times, MetLife is helping millions of customers build their own safety net to be prepared for any kind of financial crisis in the future.

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