AIG Insurance Company: Review of American International Group

AIG Insurance CompanyAIG Insurance is a group of companies known as American International Group. According to Global Forbes, AIG insurance is the fourth largest company in the world. It was first founded in Shanghai, China in the year 1919 and it became a public traded company in the year 1969. It is one of the market leaders in providing international insurance and financial services.

AIG insurance company operates in more than 130 countries. There are many AIG companies located all over the United States and these companies are underwriters of individual, commercial and industrial insurance.

AIG auto insurance policies have some outstanding features, which are not only convenient, but are also beneficial for drivers if they are trapped in any bad event. One thing that sets AIG policies apart from other insurance policies are the various plans, which you can add to your auto insurance.

The first is the AIG security Advantage Plan. This exclusive plan offers some primary, but fundamental benefits to policyholders of AIG insurance. You are awarded with a 24-Hour Roadside, Emergency Medical and Travel Assistance, and Identity Theft Restoration Service. However, the most attractive of them is the 24-Hour Emergency Medical and Travel assistance. This unique plan of AIG not only covers you in the U.S., but also provides you coverage in Canada. The main essence of these services is they are provided free of charge to people who are policyholders of AIG.

The other outstanding service that AIG insurance offers is, unlike other insurance companies they give you the exclusive right of selecting the repair shops. It does not compel its customers to visit their recommended repair shops. Instead, AIG gives suggestions on which repair shops provide superior service. It also pays the shop directly so that there are no delays in taking your car home. Apart from these two special features, it also provides other attractive features such as:

  • A free courtesy car, if you use an approved repairer
  • Unlimited cover for manufacturer's audio and navigation equipment
  • Flexible payment options
  • Efficient car breakdown services

Just like its products, AIG also scores high in terms of assisting its customers. Its customer base spans from commercial, individual and institutional customers. The main motto of AIG is nothing, but only a high sense of customer satisfaction. They are totally dedicated towards their motto and are constantly finding new ways of building a huge customer base. With their massive customer care services, they are always able to maintain close contact with their customers.

With its exclusive services and a dedicated customer service, AIG is surely one of the best insurance companies in the entire arena of auto insurance industry.

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