Filing a Complaint Against Your Car Insurance Company

If you are dissatisfied with your car insurance company, because it has either treated you unfairly or denied you payment for a claim or cancelled your policy without giving you a good reason, you should always first attempt to contact them on your own and try to resolve the matter amicably. However, if this doesn't work, you should consider filing a complaint against your car insurance company.

A complaint can be filed against a car insurance company with the Insurance Commissioner or Department of Insurance of your state. Many people don't file complaints against their car insurance companies, because either they are unaware of the procedure or are under the impression that it is long winded and tedious task. All you need here is an Internet connection and all the car insurance related documents. Here are the steps you need to follow to file a complaint against your car insurance company:

1. Gather Your Documents:

The first thing you must do is gather all the insurance related documents. Ensure that you have copies of all the bills and correspondence between you and the insurance company. Documents will be the basis of filing the complaint, so make sure documentation is complete and exhaustive.

2. Make the Call or Visit your State Dept. of Insurance

Contact the website of your State's Department of Insurance: If you have difficulty in locating the web site of your State's Department of Insurance, visit the web site of National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). Here, you can view a map of the U.S. with links to every State's insurance department.

3. Check if Complaint can be Filed Online:

Most States allow their residents to file complaints online. However, a few may require submission of complaints via the U.S. mail.

4. Complete the Complaint Form:

Read the instructions at the web site carefully. First, ascertain whether your complaint is valid. For instance, some States allow you to complain against your insurance company for coverage issues, premium problems, policy cancellation, sale misinterpretation and refunds. However, some States allow filing of complaint for fewer issues. If your complain is valid as per the Department of Insurance of your State, complete all the information in form accurately and attach required documentation. A major cause of complaints going unprocessed is the lack of proper documentation. Don't forget to sign and date your form. Review the form before you submit it.

5. Mail it to the right Department:

If you need to send your complaint by post, make sure that you mail it to the right department. If you are confused as to where to send your complaint, speak to the State's Department of Insurance.

6. Check and Follow up:

Follow up: After filing the complaint, don't forget to follow up. Once the receipt of complaint is confirmed, inquire every 3 to 4 weeks.

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